Holiday review by Mr. Jeff Torquemada/ Ms. Wendy Sparks

Name: Mr. Jeff Torquemada/ Ms. Wendy Sparks

Date of trip: 09/09/2017

Number of people: 2

We were fortunate to capture a number of shots of jaguars in great light and displaying a variety of behaviors-sharpening claws on a log, suddenly going into the hunt mode. We were thrilled to see an ocelot in the wild in a natural setting and also were delighted to take a portrait shot of a mother and baby tapir. We were also delighted to find and photograph an unknown jaguar that had not been documented. The four of us were given the privilege to name this jaguar, which is the name they will use as they monitor his progress. We were excited to be able to name him "Rizardo" after our amazing guide. We also were thrilled to watch a life and death battle between a Cocoi Heron and a snake...the snake ultimately was eaten by the heron, but what a battle!

  • Cristaliino Lodge from the air


  • Scarlet mmacaw at Cristaliino Lodge


  • Cristaliino Lodge terrace and fire


  • Superior room at Cristaliino Lodge


  • Southwild Pantanal


  • Horse riding at Southwild Pantanal


  • Jabiru stork near Southwild Pantanal


  • Southwild Pantanal


  • Southwild Jaguar Flotel, Pantanal, Brazil © Marcos Ardevino

    Southwild Jaguar Flotel, Pantanal, Brazil

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Tribes Overall:

Our time in the Pantanal exceeded our expectations and we credit our amazing experience to our superb guide and the incredible skill of our boatman. We have elaborated on the first part of our trip in the other sections.

Tribes Service:

Paul was a pleasure to work with throughout the planning process.


We need to mark both excellent for our second guide and poor for our first guide. Our first guide, Leo, was more concerned with obtaining his own photographs before we were able to get any shots and by that time the animal was not in an optimum position for photography...very frustrating. Our second guide, Rizardo was superb and made up for the negative experience at the beginning of our trip.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

As wildlife photographers, we want to learn as much as we can about the ecosystems and the wildlife we are observing and photographing. Our experience in the Pantanal was extraordinary and our level of knowledge about this area has increased tenfold.

The places you stayed

Cristaliino Lodge from the air

Cristalino Lodge


A lovely place to stay with a superb staff. The food was excellent and we enjoyed our time at the lodge.

Southwild Pantanal

SouthWild Pantanal


Simply accommodations, which were clean and ideal for a nice afternoon break from the heat. Having a fan and a/c in the room was a nice bonus.
The food was healthy, delicious and ample.

Southwild Jaguar Flotel, Pantanal, Brazil © Marcos Ardevino

SouthWild Jaguar Flotel

The Pantanal

We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the Flotel. The staff was warm and friendly and the room was over the top! Again having a/c was a delightful bonus.