Holiday review by Mr. Michael Mayall

Name: Mr. Michael Mayall

Date of trip: 29/05/2017

Number of people: 2

Almost everything in Rio. Early morning and evening canoe trips a special highlight

Tribes Overall:

Did exactly what we wanted Rio was fabulous and the Amazon cruise was amazing. In both Rio and the Amazon everything was well organised, no glitches at all, the whole thing was very smooth and efficient.
Transfers all worked well with polite, helpful and sociable drivers.

Tribes Service:

Generally excellent. The advice we received was good and the whole trip was well planned. Lots of phone and email discussion in the early stages of planning which was always well-informed, enthusiastic, polite and prompt.
There were some cutting and pasting errors with itineraries early on (including whole missing days). This is easy to correct but doesn't make a good impression (although in our experience this is a quite common problem when organising 'tailor made' holidays through travel agents). Additionally the joining instructions are horribly out of date (take enough rolls of film etc.). These really do need to be updated and made specific for each trip i.e. not 'Brazil' in general

TRIBES COMMENT: The joining instructions have been updated based on this feedback.


All very knowledgeable, helpful and kind. They all looked after us very well. Made sure we saw what we were interested in and were all very flexible when needed.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Hard to tell. Not many cases of meaningful interaction with local people or financial support of local projects ( if that is needed).
In terms of the environment certainly no negative impact - unlike some of the other big cruises we saw.

The places you stayed

MV Tucano, Amazon, Brazil © GQMarks

Motor yacht Tucano

Brazilian Amazon

Very nice. Only four people (including us) on the boat which meant no strain on logistics or space but no reason to believe standards would drop with a full boat.
Crew were all very friendly, kind and helpful. Food was good with plenty of choice and lots of local ingredients and flavours