Holiday review by Mrs. Rosemary Stamp

Name: Mrs. Rosemary Stamp

Date of trip: 01/04/2017

Number of people: 2

We had so many amazing experiences that it is hard to pick anything out. Anthony and I were woken at Little Machaba by an elephant crashing into the water in front of our tent and stood there watching it in the moonlight at 2.0 a.m. Anthony was also thrilled to see leopards. The giraffes at Chobe were wonderful. We loved seeing a swimming elephant in the Chobe River. The hippos were marvellous at Chobe, especially when we saw a dominant male chasing another out of the river with much crashing and splashing and showing how fast they can run. Zebras in the wild were so beautiful. We saw a pair of eagle owls at Chobe. We saw some wonderful Southern Red Bishops on the reeds in the Chobe- absolutely gorgeous. The dung beetles were fascinating. Our grandchildren were spellbound throughout and the whole family said that it was the best holiday ever. An especially great event happened at sunset looking over the Chobe River, when our son proposed to his girlfriend of 16 years and they became engaged, much to all our delight.

  • The pool deck and waterhole at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge


  • Standard room at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge


  • Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and elephants


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Tribes Overall:

Absolutely brilliant! This was a family holiday for 8-grandparents, adult children and 2 grandchildren aged 11 & 9, to celebrate our 70th birthdays. It was a big financial commitment and so we are so glad that it so far exceeded our expectations. Tracy planned it all immaculately and we are very grateful for her knowledge and experience.

Tribes Service:

She was wonderful. All the info was timely and clear. We found the Vamoos App particularly good.
So glad we used Tribes. Everything was beautifully organised, e.g. Taxis, baggage carriers, hotels etc. When something went slightly wrong (Maun Airport) Tracy very quickly reassured me by voicemail and email that all would be ok.


All the guides were very good, with BT at Little Machaba being outstanding. They were very patient, explained their tracking methods and had excellent knowledge. When they didn't know something they had good books to check facts (e.g. weights and life spans of animals). Their driving was fine and they were terrific with the children, giving them appropriate responsibilities and joining in the jokes.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

All the places we stayed in Zimbabwe and Botswana say the right things about eco tourism and animal safety and welfare. Little Machaba comes nearest to achieving it- very impressive.
We tried to buy local crafts everywhere we went and were pleased to meet local staff. Tourism obviously does help the local economies, if they can continue to balance it all successfully. Very glad to hear about the rhino project in the Okavango.

The places you stayed

The pool deck and waterhole at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge


Very enjoyable. Lovely to see our first impalas, crocodiles and elephants at the waterhole from the hotel balcony. The children were thrilled to see wart hogs and banded possums in the garden of the hotel. Lovely peaceful cruise on the Zambezi. We all enjoyed the Falls and got extremely wet. Lovely rooms.