Holiday review by Roger and Elizabeth Richardson

Name: Roger and Elizabeth Richardson

Date of trip: 25/03/2017

Number of people: 2

The most special moments were swimming with turtles, sea lions and penguins

  • Patio Andaluz


  • King room at Patio Andaluz


  • Courtyard restaurant at Patio Andaluz


  • Artwork at Patio Andaluz


  • Napo Wildlife Centre from the lake


  • Parrot clay lick near Napo Wildlife Centre


  • Boat trip at Napo Wildlife Centre


  • Caiman near Napo Wildlife Centre


  • Beluga Galapagos Yacht


  • Beluga sun deck


  • Double cabin on Beluga


  • Beluga twin cabin


  • Grand Hotel


  • Bedroom at Grand Hotel


  • Grand Hotel outdoor pool


  • Grand Hotel lobby


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Tribes Overall:

We had very high expectations before going on the holiday and these were not only met but exceeded. It was a strikingly memorable experience and it is difficult to think how the holiday could have been improved upon.

Tribes Service:

Rory was very helpful and provided all the information we needed.


The guides were excellent and made a huge contribution to our appreciation of the places visited. In particular Juan in the Galapagos Island and Estaban in Quito were extremely lively and informative guides.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

In particular we felt that the visit to the Napo Wildlife Centre helped make a contribution to the Rainforest being regarded as an economic asset through tourism rather than being used for oil drilling or other destructive exploitation.

The places you stayed

Patio Andaluz

Patio Andaluz


A lovely hotel which was full of character and in a very central position in the old town

Napo Wildlife Centre from the lake

Napo Wildlife Centre


A great luxury camp in a wonderful location. A bit expensive to buy any extras.

Beluga Galapagos Yacht


Galapagos Islands

Fantastic service from a very attentive crew. The food was excellent. It has everything you need for a memorable trip.

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel


Very good service and everything you would expect from a large hotel.