Holiday review by Ms Ellery McGowan

Name: Ms Ellery McGowan

Date of trip: 18/03/2017

Number of people: 2

  • Chilcabamba Lodge and Cotopaxi


  • Double room at Chilcabamba Ecolodge


  • Chilcabamba restaurant


  • Welcome to Chilcabamba Ecolodge


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Edwin in the Amazon was very knowledgeable, fun to be with and we did some exciting things including kayaking and swimming in the Napa River.
Antonia was very accommodating in the Andes, ... we had no time to climatic but he encouraged us to climb to the refuge on Cotopaxi. Because of that he took us to Quilotoa Lake where we climbed down the crater, went swimming and climbed back up. His driving was excellent. We had Milton on our last day going to Cara's Nat Park....again superb and knowledgeable,

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

The Amazon was above expectations.... I loved it, the Sani people and visiting Edwin's home and two little brothers. (Their parents were in Coca and the 7 and 10 year old were fending for themselves for 3 weeks.

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