Holiday review by Mr. D.F., Germany

Name: Mr. D.F., Germany

Date of trip: 03/08/2017

Number of people: 2

It was just a wonderful trip from start to end and a great experience being out in the wild throughout our tour. We saw a LOT of animals, learned a lot by our guide while always respecting nature and animals. As rare-campers we were surprised by the excellent food, cooked on the fire, easy-to-raise tents and facilities - all above our expectations; next time we would bring a warmer sleeping bag with us - nights were cold.

  • Islands of Siankaba


  • Islands of Siankaba, pool


  • Islands of Siankaba


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Tribes Service:

Alex served us perfectly well, replied immediately and to the point on all questions; his recommendations exceeded our expectations!


Exellent by all means!

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

difficult to tell, but local people are employed by the local operator and a lot of care was given to protect the environment and avoid disturbance of wildlife and nature; obviously all food and equipment was purchased locally

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