Holiday review by Mrs. Jackie Morris

Name: Mrs. Jackie Morris

Date of trip: 28/02/2017

Number of people: 2

Everything. In some ways, our driving days were the best - each turn we took was another magnificent view and another opportunity to stop and take another picture. Seeing the wildlife close up or through the eyes of our guide and their telescope was great. Each hotel was a lovely surprise - we weren't disappointed at all. Seeing sloths so close up was a treat - and, of course the humpback whales (mother and calf). I think the single biggest impression we had with the biggest wow factor was the scenery.

  • Restaurant and bar at Alta Hotel


  • The pool and restaurant at Alta Hotel


  • Alta Hotel bedroom


  • Alta Hotel terrace


  • Shawandha Lodge gardens


  • Shawandha Lodge gardens


  • Shawandha Lodge gardens


  • Pool and view at Parador Resort & Spa, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica © Parador Resort

    Pool and view at Parador Resort & Spa, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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Tribes Overall:

This was our first trip to Costa Rica and was to mark our 25th Wedding Anniversary. It was everything we could have wanted, and more. The flights, hotels, staff, transport, weather, tours, scenery, wildlife, food etc were superb. Costa Rica is such a diverse country in terms of scenery - from the Caribbean coast, through the plantations, through the rainforest, mountains and then the Pacific coast.

Tribes Service:

We worked with Rory when making our booking. He was very straight with us and seemed to get the gist of what we were trying to achieve. Funnilly enough, we decided to cut one stop short by a night in order to extend the last stop. We checked with Rory and, having discussed it with the office, he came back to us to suggest which stop we cut short. Although he made the right recommendation, given hindsight, we wouldln't have changed anything from the original proposal. It pays to listen to what they say from the beginning - they do know best.

We would come back to Tribes for future holidays without hesitation and will be recommending them too.


We drove ourselves around which was very straightforward. The roads in Costa Rica are OK - sometimes they can be very narrow so you simply slow down and tackle them at your own pace. We had guides to go into Manuel Antonio National Park, brid watching in the Cloud Forrest, Whale watching & snorkelling on the Pacific Coast and a visit to the Bri Bri tribe on the Caribbean side. Each trip was excellent with great guides. One of our trips was cancelled due to adverse snorkelling weather but we were given the option of 2 replacements or our money back - very efficient. The knowledge that the guides have is amazing - they are able to answer all your questions and also speak in great English.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Yes - we learnt a lot about the country and the nature within it. It also restored our faith in humankind since the Tico's are such friendly, generous people. It certainly seemed to us that they wanted to get to know you simply to find out where we had come from and why we had chosen Costa Rica. There was no ulterior motive at all that we found. They are a happy nation who see no real reason to travel overseas for holidays since they have it all there. Their commitment to the environment at large is admirable.

The places you stayed

Restaurant and bar at Alta Hotel

Alta Hotel

Costa Rica

Just here for one night but it was a lovely room with our own little terrace. Lovely dinner that night too.

Shawandha Lodge gardens

Shawandha Lodge

Costa Rica

3 nights here. This was our first introduction to rainforest territory! Our greeting was the Howler Monkeys which were a pleasure. The Owner was around and took the time to meet and greet. Lovely cabin with plenty of room and a super hammock to chill out on. Really imaginative hotel and surroundings and so natural too. Breakfast was a little repetitive.

It was from here that we went to see the BriBri tribe.

Pool and view at Parador Resort & Spa, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica © Parador Resort

Parador Resort and Spa

Manuel Antonio

5 nights here. Beautiful hotel and all it's amenities. Breakfast was a highlight - something for everyone. Our room was air-conditioned and we really liked our balcony looking over the coast and forest ahead. In fact, we had regular visitors from white faced capuchin monkeys. We had dinner at the hotel on 3 nights but since it was the same menu each night, we opted to eat out on the last 2. There was plenty of choice and driving at night wasn't an issue either.

It was from here that we had a day in Manuel Antonio National Park.