Holiday review by Mr Robert Gillespie

Name: Mr Robert Gillespie

Date of trip: 20/02/2017

Number of people: 2

We had some really good animal sightings from seeing a Serval down to the Cheetah and four cubs feasting on a recent kill. I had one close encounter when a Cape Cobra came slithering past past within a few feet of me whilst was sitting on the Deck at Sibuya. At the time I was unaware of what kind of snake it was but after describing it to the camp staff they told me what it was and that I had done the right thing sitting stock still while the snake went past. Exciting or what?

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Tribes Overall:

The holiday was superb, the Game Viewing just as good and the food and accommodation were excellent

Tribes Service:

From start to finish everything was excellent from the itinerary to the transfers. The Meet and Greet at Johannesburg was tremendous seeing us through Immigration to ensuring we got to our next flight to Port Elizabeth. Top marks to Tracy for organising such a great trip.


All the guides were excellent. There was only one thing but that was dealt with after speaking to the Ranger at Shamwari. He was driving too fast on our first game drive, so much so that my wife Marge was unable to go on any of the drives on the second day as she been jolted about so much that she was stiff and sore. I spoke to the ranger pointing out that we had had just been eight game drives prior to coming to Shamwari and none of the other two Rangers had driven at that speed on the uneven tracks. He was very apologetic and the rest of the drives were taken at a pace suitable to the conditions.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

It helped us understand the excellent work that is being carried out with conservation on the Game Reserves etc.

The places you stayed

Bayethe Lodge luxury tent

Bayethe Lodge

South Africa

Top for accommodation and food and after the first day experience with our Ranger driving too fast for the conditions everything after that was top notch and Ray could not have been more helpful in ensuring that everyone was OK and enjoying the experience. Daily Lunch on the deck was superb, especially as we had the animals to view just across the river.