Holiday review by Mrs. Jane Scott

Name: Mrs. Jane Scott

Date of trip: 09/02/2017

Number of people: 2

Really enjoyed our trip. Felt it was good beginners trip to Africa. All accommodation was good and felt that the choices made fitted well with our brief given to Tracey. Camps Bay was the only one that was not really our style but we still have no complaints about it. We were able to drive the route we had wanted to and to see what we had wanted knowing that our accommodation was not too far away. The driving instructions were good - we didn't actually follow them much but for the final mile to actually find the hotel was very good. Given the time scale Tracey was given I felt that Tracey put together a good trip for us and listened to what we had requested. We have recommended you to several people since our return! Its amazing where you can actually drive a small hire car!

  • Farm 215


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Farm 215

Farm 215

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