Holiday review by Ms Patricia Nightingale

Name: Ms Patricia Nightingale

Date of trip: 02/11/2016

Number of people: 2

Lake Titicaca, buying table clothes from our Homestay on Amantani, we took the one from the kitchen, still dirty!! Our hostess didn't bat an eyelid and nor did we! they were delightful. The warmth and friendliness of people in the countries we visited. The snorkeling in the Galapagos and the Orcas and whales we saw and the whole experience. Discovering new cities

  • Wyndham Costa del Sol


  • Twin room at Wyndham Costa del Sol


  • Casa Andina Koricancha


  • The lobby at Casa Andina Koricancha


  • Casa Andina Koricancha breakfast


  • The entrance of Casa Andina Koricancha


  • Casa Andina Premium Puno balconies and lake


  • Guest room at Casa Andina Premium Puno


  • Casa Andina Premium Puno boardwalk to Lake Titicaca


  • Boardwalk, train and Casa Andina Premium Puno


  • La Casona de la Ronda interior


  • La Casona de la Ronda room


  • La Casona de la Ronda dining room


  • La Casona de la Ronda lounge


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Tribes Service:

No complaints and very considerate, aware of our needs, helpful. AND followed things up when we got back! Really good.

Have already recommended Tribes to others.


Bit variable. Our Galapagos guide was a bit bored and had done it too long. Our Lake Titicaca guide was excellent and our Macchu Picchu guide, Joel Cuba, was beyond excellent.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Despite many flights, we felt that we hadn't damaged the planet too much.

However the train service to Machu Picchu/Aquas Calientes is not serving the local people and this needs to be addressed in some way. The company, Orient Express, is a European one [is that possible?] The area is steeped in tourism but its not good enough to only serve the tourists.... Apparently they also plan to upgrade the service next year [more expensive ...] but people just need a good regular service!

The places you stayed

Wyndham Costa del Sol

Wyndham Costa del Sol Lima Airport


Very helpful and left luggage there. Put us in room we had got used to! Great breakfast.

Casa Andina Koricancha

Casa Andina Koricancha


Rather modest breakfast, terrible bread

Casa Andina Premium Puno balconies and lake

Casa Andina Premium Puno


Water in the rooms was 10 whereas in the previous Casa Andina it was 5. Sharp practice which doesn't look good. Good starters for dinner - that's all we had so can't comment on rest of menu.

La Casona de la Ronda interior

La Casona de la Ronda


Gorgeous, great bread at breakfast. Very considerate people and lovely rooms.