Holiday review by Mr. Christopher Callicott

Name: Mr. Christopher Callicott

Date of trip: 03/11/2016

Number of people: 2

Snorkeling with (and videoing) green turtles, at times very close up. Listening to a G. mockingbird singing to its mate from a distance of 1 metre. Being surrounded by five sea-lions, including 2 pups. Witnessing waved albatross pairs enacting their bonding ritual. Enjoying the freshest ceviche I have ever eaten.....

  • Hotel el Relicario del Carmen


  • Bedroom at el Relicario del Carmen


  • Hotel el Relicario del Carmen courtyard


  • Paintings at Hotel el Relicario del Carmen


  • Relaxing on deck on Mary Anne


  • Sunset through the rigging on Mary Anne


  • Mary Anne under sail


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Tribes Overall:

Simply wonderful.
Excellent accommodation, a marvellous crew, beautiful food and magical wildlife. During the island walks, panga transfers, snorkeling and kayaking trips safety was always the highest priority. The Mary Anne under sail was a nautical highlight.

Tribes Service:

Yes. Paul was most helpful at all stages from start to finish. His recommendation proved excellent and his advice clearly based on direct personal experience.


Fernando Ortiz was at all times extremely knowledgeable, helpful, patient and diplomatic. His evening presentations included the islands geology, climate and history. Further, our delayed flight to the islands meant a change in itinerary which lead to further revision one week later for those of us staying14 nights. Our guide arranged an interesting visit to a local farmstead as an alternative to a repeat visit to the tortoise sanctuary. Fernando is to be highly recommended as a guide to the Galapagos Islands.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I am unsure. The sources from which the boat was re-provisioned during the 14 night trip was unclear, although the excellent fresh fish suggested a local source. I understand that fish caught around the islands is strictly for local consumption only, hence I am optimistic that we benefited from this ruling! Local people provided bus transport on several occasions.

The places you stayed

Hotel el Relicario del Carmen

Hotel el Relicario del Carmen


A beautiful hotel, very quiet and a great place to rest after the long-haul flight. They did however seem unprepared to provide even the smallest snack on my first evening, given that I didn't feel inclined to wander the streets of a strange city looking for somewhere to eat.

Relaxing on deck on Mary Anne

Mary Anne

Galapagos Islands

Beautiful boat, excellent cabin accommodation (I was allocated a double cabin, perhaps because of my 14 night stay), wonderful food, friendly helpful crew, especially Eduardo the captain.