Holiday review by Miss. Nina Szewczak

Name: Miss. Nina Szewczak

Date of trip: 29/10/2016

Number of people: 2

This question is very hard to answer as there wasn't anything we didn't love and all moments felt very special!Every day and every experience was a highlight in it's own right!! Our main highlight was James - our game driver who simply provided us with magical experiences throughout our stay in Kruger Park! James - as he says 'grew up in the bush' and his knowledge was simply incredible! We learnt & experienced so much - thanks to him & Golden! He also has a great sense of humour, which makes the memories and new knowledge even easier to remember forever! Lukimbi Lodge was simply excellent - waking up to elephants, buffalos, rhinos, impalas & hippos on our doorstep was just the begging of our incredible experience! We had an elephant right next to our lodge for nearly an hour....he nearly made us late for lunch ha ha! We couldn't believe our eyes when this majestic animal was right next to us! Cape town has become our number one beach place after one many stunning views around & fantastic people! Swimming with sharks was thrilling & very educating! We had a fantastic experience with a shark head butting the cage whilst we were in it!! I took over 3000 photos and lots of videos....none of them sadly will ever be able to truly show how incredible the whole experience was!

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Tribes Overall:

Excellent isn't high enough rating for the experience we had!!
It did not just live up to our expectations, but exceeded them by a million miles!

Tribes Service:

We used Tribes last year, and the service was excellent so the expectations were high....and yet again - the whole experience and how it was organised was second to none!!
We used the term of 'Tribes did it again' countless times as we were so impressed with everything!
It was so well organised and the service was so good again we felt like a pair of royals throughout the whole trip ;)


James - our game driver, and Golden - who was our tracker were simply incredible!!
Both very knowledgeable, taking excellent care of the animals, environment and the guests at all times!
They are a fantastic team with great energy between them and we feel very lucky to have had them.
I'm sure other guides are great too, but James and Golden were so amazing - words, photos or videos simply cannot describe the experience they provided us with it!
They created fantastic memories that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives - they have shown us all animals we wanted to see and way more!
They created so many magical moments for us - they should officially be recognised not just as game drivers, but also magicians :)
We were really hoping to see leopard on this trip and that was our main wish.... needless to say - we did see it and it was from an excellent distance! We also saw lions, lionesses with cubs, herds of elephants, plenty of rhinos, zebras, hyenas, jackal, giraffes, kudus, impalas, hippos, crocodile, buffalos, lots of incredible birds and everything else you can imagine on a safari!

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

One of the reasons why we love using Tribes Travel is because we know our holiday won't have negative impact on the environment, wildlife and local cultures. We love going away and knowing that not only we will have an incredible expeirience, but also hopefully be able to support local communities and countries who are still developing.

The places you stayed

Trevoyan tea time

Trevoyan Guest House

South Africa

Lovely place to stay! Great location & excellent accommodation - felt very homely and the service was great! Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the room was simply lovely!