Holiday review by Peru Traveller

Name: Peru Traveller

Date of trip: 16/10/2016

Number of people: 2

We loved Machu Picchu itself. We loved the train journey from Cusco to Puno, despite thinking initially that it was too soon after a train journey the day before. Really a joy. We loved the position of the Casa Andina in Machu Picchu with the train line more or less being our pavement. Great excitement in the morning with armed police with shields out in force - apparently to evict people from a house a few doors down. Seemed like overkill to us, but.... We loved the hotel in Cusco. See below. And we loved Cusco. Great place to explore. Found excellent restaurants recommended by the first guide. We had booked a tour with the Lima gourmet group on the last morning, which was perfect. A fabulous tour with an exceptional guide. To be recommended. We loved the walk down on Taquile and the delicious lunch overlooking the Lake.

  • Double room at Wyndham Costa Del Sol, Lima Airport, Peru © Wyndham Costa Del Sol

    Double room at Wyndham Costa Del Sol, Lima Airport, Peru

  • The courtyard at El Mercado Hotel in Cusco


  • Balcony at El Mercado Hotel


  • View of Cusco from El Mercado


  • El Mercado Hotel bedroom


  • Pakaritampu gardens


  • The lounge at Pakaritampu


  • Pakaritampu pathway and flowers


  • Posada del Inca Puno gardens and alpacas


  • terrace view at Posada del Inca Puno


  • Posada del Inca Puno double room


  • The main entrance to Posada del Inca Puno


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Tribes Overall:

We had a fabulous time and everything went smoothly We had a down night on the home stay, but otherwise it was great - definitely lived up to expectations and more.

Tribes Service:

Paul gives amazingly good service and advice. Even sorted a surprise tour I wanted for a birthday present. Wonderful.


Drivers were wonderful. Overall the guides were excellent meeting and greeting etc., including our dash round Lima!
obviously some guides are better than others, especially at a social level. See below.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Very difficult to know.

The places you stayed

The courtyard at El Mercado Hotel in Cusco

El Mercado Hotel


This is a charming hotel where we had three nights. Spoilt us for the rest really. Lovely staff. Comfy public spaces. Good position. Good choice of food.

Pakaritampu gardens



Also a charming hotel in beautiful surroundings and very convenient for the train.

Posada del Inca Puno gardens and alpacas

Posada del Inca Puno


Strange place. Felt a bit like being in the Soviet - big and impersonal, although the staff were fine.
Because we were outside the town, felt a bit isolated and this is where dinner could have been included, since there was nowhere else to go once you were there.