Holiday review by Ms. Susan Mathew

Name: Ms. Susan Mathew

Date of trip: 07/10/2016

Number of people: 2

The whole experience was magical. Staying at the Sopa lodge in the Amboseli was fantastic and waking up to the view as of Mount Kilimanjaro was incredible and breathtaking. The Lodge was fabulous and welcoming but the down side was the access road to the lodge and the roads to the Entrance of the Park were bone shakers. Would fly next time but we have been told that these roads are going to be sorted soon. Early morning game drives in all 3 Lodges were fantastic. Our last night at the Elephant Watch Camp was out of this world. We walked with the Warriors to the hill top with the sun setting on one side and the full moon rising on the other. We were met by our guide and welcomed with drinks and a fire. The Warriors danced and sang their tribal chants as we watched and then joined in. It was a true honour to be in their presence. We loved this and will hold this memory close to our hearts.

  • Swimming pool at Eka Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya © Eka Hotel

    Swimming pool at Eka Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Ilkeliani Camp dining tent


  • Tent and deck at Ilkeliani Camp


  • The bridge to Ilkeliani Camp


  • Ilkeliani Camp staff


  • Elephant Watch Camp


  • Bedroom view at Elephant Watch Camp


  • Elephant Watch Camp lounge


  • Elephant encounters at Elephant Watch Camp


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Tribes Overall:

The locations were fabulous and the game we saw fulfilled all our dreams. The Elephant Watch Camp deserves special praise for the attention to detail for making us feel welcomed, relaxed and secure. The food was superb. Our guides were amazing and fully attuned to natures and the animals .
Overall all accommodations were different but fantastic.
We loved every minute and had a wonderful time as family.

Tribes Service:

Booking with Tribes has been a very positive experience and Tracy has been excellent in the choices she has made for us.
All pre-departure details were organised beautifully and we had no problems.
Tracy our consultant kept us well informed and enabled our holiday to flow very smoothly.


All our guides were brilliant. We has Paul driving us in the Amboseli. James (Masai Warrior) driving us in the Masai Mara and Serenoi and Rosy driving us in the Samburu. Serenoi's knowledge and attention to detail was unsurpassed. We felt completely safe when so close to the animals.
Tim and Becca had the most incredible bush walk with Wilson from the Ilkeliani Lodge. They learnt a great deal about medicinal plants the Warriors use and how they live. This is a must for anyone going who wants to understand more about the Masai culture and way of life.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We initially had reservations about going to Kenya due to the political situation and concerns of safety. However, reassured by a friend we chose to go and fulfil a dream of my mother's and visit the places that she had dreamt of, including the Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi which was inspirational and heart melting.
The local people we met and saw on our travels welcomed us with open arms and huge smiles. It was incredibly touching.
We learnt so much about the wildlife and felt privileged to be guided by such well informed guides who understood these animals and enabled us to feel at one with their environment. We were so fortunate to have seen just about every animal including a 3 day old elephant calf.
The holiday was wonderful and will hold the fondest of memories for us all.

The places you stayed

Swimming pool at Eka Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya © Eka Hotel

Eka Hotel


Lovely hotel, staff were brilliant. Luxury for our first night.

Ilkeliani Camp dining tent

Ilkeliani Camp


Tented accommodation fantastic and comfortable. Attention to detail was excellent. Hot water bottles in our beds at night was delightful. Warrior Service in the Morning with a tray of tea and home made biscuits.
Food was delicious.
Naughty monkeys had learnt to unzip our tent and pinch our biscuits and Kendall mint cake!

Elephant Watch Camp

Elephant Watch Camp


We were all blown away by this beautiful place. Everything was first class and Hilary, Saba's great friend, was managing the camp in her absence. She was delightful and looked after our every need. All the staff were wonderful, the food divine and attention to detail was incredible. We loved it here and can't wait to go back.