Holiday review by MrsR

Name: MrsR

Date of trip: 05/10/2016

Number of people: 2

Absolutely everything. Actually seeing the Penguins, the blue footed boobies - one sitting on two eggs, the magnificent frigate birds, learning to snorkel - again the wonderful Milton was not going to rest until we got everything we could from the trip. Swimming with turtles, sharks, spotted rays, shoals of fish - absolutely delightful. I continually need to pinch myself to remind me that it was all real!

  • La Casona de la Ronda interior


  • La Casona de la Ronda room


  • La Casona de la Ronda dining room


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Tribes Overall:

Truly amazing. In hindsight we should have spent longer planning to get more out of the distance travelled. That said, it was the Galapagos that we went for and it was the Galapagos that blew us away.

Tribes Service:

Rory was extremely helpful. We wouldn't hesitate in contacting Tribes again based on our experience. We feel another long haul coming up but we're not sure where to so we will look to Tribes for inspiration!


On Golondrina we had Milton Ulloa and I know we have nothing to score him against but he truly was amazing. Each and every person on that boat mattered to him in that he wanted them to get the best from the trip.

The places you stayed

La Casona de la Ronda interior

La Casona de la Ronda


Loved the place. It is a beautiful building and the staff we spoke to obviously cared about the place. Apart from breakfast we ate dinner there one evening, which we really enjoyed. We did get a bit spooked when a local cafe owner told us it was not in a great part of town and that we should be careful. That said, we are Londoners so we know to keep our wits about us wherever we are. We did not experience anything negative at all.