Holiday review by Mrs. Jillian Taylor

Name: Mrs. Jillian Taylor

Date of trip: 03/09/2016

Number of people: 2

Seeing so many animals up close This time especiaaly the Wild dogs The salt pan pack were active on many occasions even arrived early morning on a kill - lots of co operation not a free for all like the lions. Following the two lion prides The Hollywoods and the Muamba Early morning exchanges between a hyena family So much more

  • Tena Tena


  • Tena Tena room


  • Tena Tena lounge


  • Tena Tena view


  • Nsefu Camp, elephant in lagoon


  • Nsefu Camp


  • Nsefu Camp


  • Kaingo Camp main deck


  • The hippo hide at Kaingo Camp


  • Chalet at Kaingo Camp


  • Kaingo Camp deluxe suite deck


  • Chitenge bar at Mwamba Bush Camp


  • Walking safari from Mwamba Bush Camp


  • Watch hippos from the hide near Mwamba Bush Camp


  • Bathroom at Mwamba Bush Camp


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Tribes Overall:

Better than Excellent

Tribes Service:

All went soomthly as usual


Especiall at Shentons Andrew the guide kept a log of all carnivore sightings so we could look back at what had happened to animals we had seen on our last visit. Excellent

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Good use of local employment and visit to Tribal Textiles another large local employer

The places you stayed

Tena Tena

Tena Tena


Slightly dark
Not such a good view from the tent
but excellent food and service

Nsefu Camp, elephant in lagoon

Nsefu Camp


The view to die for - just sitting outside the room.

Architect was visiting as they want to rebuild the camp further back after the land slide where they lost the dinning room
Hope they retain the view.

Improvement to sit and eat under the stars

Kaingo Camp main deck

Kaingo Camp


Improvement in the layout of the day
missed eating lunch on our terrace but liked the brunch instead of full English breakfast and then Lunch too much food!!!

Room five excellent and had nicer outside tub than room 3 and 4

Chitenge bar at Mwamba Bush Camp

Mwamba Bush Camp


Very friendly like the small size
The Hide on sight was excellent