Holiday review by Mr Adrian Townsend

Name: Mr Adrian Townsend

Date of trip: 07/09/2016

Number of people: 2

Mating lions roaring on and off all night not far from our tent, is an ear splitting memory neither of us will ever forget. A bull elephant drinking from the shower buckets in the camp. Seeing a honey badger out in the open for several minutes, is something we haven't experienced before, excellent. A lone bull buffalo marching across the open Savanah towards the water hole which was occupied by approx. 30 elephants, he was determined he was going to get a drink and they moved out of the way, what guts! Seeing the sable antelopes in such large numbers in Chobe National Park - a real treat

  • Letaka Safaris tent, Botswana © Letaka Safaris

    Letaka Safaris tent, Botswana

Tribes Overall:

Exactly what we expected and hoped. Okavango Delta in the raw as the brochure describes!!!!

Tribes Service:

Tracey was very helpful as this was a last minute booking which she dealt with in a very professional manner.


Our guide was good but nowhere near the standard we have been used to in Zambia and Tanzania.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We brought foreign currency into Botswana and helped with the employment situation in the Delta area and our park fees will make a small contribution to the wildlife conservation of this vast country.

The places you stayed

Letaka Safaris tent, Botswana © Letaka Safaris

Letaka Safaris Mobile Camping

Throughout Botswana

We were looked after to a very high standard given the situation and the facilities available. The Letaka team were excellent and could not be faulted. Special mention must be made of "Life" our chef on this trip who consistently produced the most astonishing level of cuisine from the most rudimentary equipment - the guy is nothing short of a magician.