Holiday review by Foundation House Group

Name: Foundation House Group

Date of trip: 13/03/2016

Number of people: 2

Tribes Overall:

The trip was amazing it went well beyond our expectations. India was an amazing country and the tour went seamlessly in way that allowed us to really focus on the culture and immerse ourselves in the activities we were doing.

Tribes Service:

The service was great. All of our requests were met in a timely manner and the ability for customization seemed limitless.


Our first guides (Pawan) was impeccable. It was some of the best service I have ever experienced in any travel situation. He was kind, extremely knowledgeable, had done his research on our group and communicated amazingly well with us. 

The second guide was the only problem on the trip. He sometimes acted unprofessionally and did not always seem to have our best interest at heart. There was one circumstance in Varanasi where he would not take us to the shops we requested but only the one shop that he wanted us to go to

The places you stayed