Holiday review by Mrs Patricia Edney

Name: Mrs Patricia Edney

Date of trip: 13/02/2016

Number of people: 2

Cape Town is a lovely city with lots to see and do and it was difficult at times to remember that we were in Africa after all our safari experiences. Going up Table Mountain is obviously a "must be done" but is very touristy with long queues and souvenir shops, but wonderful views. We did not do the Winelands tour. Instead (and this could be a development opportunity for Tribes) we spent 2 full days on bird and nature watching. The first day was around the peninsula seeing roosting night herons, nesting thick knees, thousands of flamingos (both types) and avocets. The second day we spent at the West Coast Nature reserve where we saw Bontebok, Eland and swamp hens. We also watched Heaviside's Dolphins playing in the surf. In the week we saw 102 different birds. 60 of which were new species to us, the light was wonderful and we had plenty of time to really watch them. I think it would be really good for future Tribes' guests if there was the option in your trips advertised for Cape Town of a nature excursion with knowledgeable guides as the variety to be seen just outside the city is incredible. We organised our trips with birding eco tours and we realise we were unfaithful to Tribes but I would recommend them.

Tribes Overall:

This was a trip to see a bit of Cape Town, watch a lot of cricket (matches that England lost) relax and also do some bird watching.

Tribes Service:

Amanda managed to sort us out extremely well given that we were booking quite late in the day for a half term.


For once we did not use Tribes guides but what service we had with the local Tribes partners was very efficient. It was also reassuring to know thatwe could have called on them if the need arose.

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