Holiday review by Mr Guy Hewitt

Name: Mr Guy Hewitt

Date of trip: 02/11/2015

Number of people: 2

The hotels were luxurious, Maradiva Villas and Spa outscoring The Residence on many fronts.. The Residence seemed to offer a great package but after a few days some aspects seemed bit average. The beach was better than Maradiva's and the Spa was excellent. The place needed some more varied relaxation space which became apparent as the fast changing weather often drove us inside. WE went looking for nearby bars/hagout spots and found one in LUXE Belle Mare next door, but local village spots were rare. Mara diva had so much more. Less obviously flashy, its garden setting was special (See the giant Madagascan bats at sundown), the private villa arrangement meant something different and exclusive. Food was terrific and the staff were individual and friendly rather than trained with fixed smiles. One could walk along the beach to the public beaches and enjoy a bit of the world beyond the privileges of staying at Maradiva. The Spa was also exceptional. Would we go back to either? To the Maradiva without a second thought. There are plans to make the place more exclusive, more appealing to celebrities. It would be disappointing if such an exceptional establishment were to become less accessible for us . determinedly non-celebrities!

  • Maradiva Villas beach


  • Maradiva Villas infinity pool


  • The spa at Maradiva Villas


  • Maradiva Villas gardens


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Tribes Overall:

We wanted down time in an interesting place and we found it in Mauritius. It's not the most adventurous destination but it offers quality and an interesting social melange. The weather was more unpredictable than we expected but the warmth of the air was consistently benign and just what we wanted. The hotels recommended by Tribes were special and they made sure we had the better of the two for the second week.

Tribes Service:

Getting the pre-travel pack needed follow-up and prod from me on a late booking trip. The details were helpful but everywhere we went we were asked for vouchers which were not provided.


Guides were essentially knowledgable taxi drivers and hotel concierges and they were good. The local firm that handled transfers etc. were inconsistent and we were never 100% sure we felt they were on the ball. The service they eventually supplied was good quality always.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

The places we stayed provide employment and the quality of services were excellent. There was not much apparent waste. The wildlife may well be affected, but perhaps the most obvious sufferers were the coral reefs. Much of it was dull and grey, with chunks broken off and being washed around. The Dodo was long gone, but various bird species are seemingly under that and not commonly seen. The island has reserves but development of new communities, roads and malls trump these.

The places you stayed

Maradiva Villas beach

Maradiva Villas