Holiday review by Doctor John Patrick Fielder

Name: Doctor John Patrick Fielder

Date of trip: 27/10/2015

Number of people: 2

So much, but highlights, seeing the wildebeest migration, lots of sightings of leopards including driving beside a mother and 2 adolescents for 10 minutes, they even sheltered in the shade of our vehicle for a few minutes, seeing a cheetah stalk and catch a thompson gazelle, 2 lionesses stalking and chasing a leopard and then catching and attacking it, but the leopard got away (hooray). Bizarre incident of about 30 grey backed fiscals attacking a superb starling (Jackson had never seen this happen before). The starling escaped but was chased in a dog fight flight for about 2 minutes but 1 very persistent fiscal, but it got away. On our last day we were lucky enough to see a pack of wild dogs, at first they were in the undergrowth but then they all came out and paraded in front of the jeeps on the road. Plus of course all the other encounters with elephants, lions hippos and crocs.

  • Eka Hotel exterior


  • Eka Hotel garden seating


  • Executive room at Eka Hotel


  • Eka Hotel restaurant


  • Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge private deck


  • Elephants at Kirurumu Tarangire


  • Kirurumu Manyara Lodge


  • Kirurumu Manyara Lodge


  • Ngorongoro Serena


  • Lake Manze Camp tent


  • Lake Manze Camp, sunset


  • Lake Manze Camp lounge


  • Lake Manze Camp, elephant


  • Mdonya Old River tent and veranda


  • Mdonya Old River location


  • The lounge at Mdonya Old River


  • Tent interior at Mdonya


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Tribes Overall:

It was a fantastic experience from start to finish! We can't wait to go back and explore more of Africa.

Tribes Service:

No other comment needed!


Jackson form Hoopoe was excellent for our first few days in the north. He was friendly, very knowledgable and a good driver, we always felt safe.
In the south we had 2 other guides with separate drivers, again they were all great.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

As far as we can tell.

The places you stayed

Eka Hotel exterior

Eka Hotel


We didn't have long there but it was very comfortable

Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge private deck

Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge


Wonderful to have elephants wandering past the tent.
Very attentive service

Kirurumu Manyara Lodge

Kirurumu Manyara Lodge


Very friendly staff

Ngorongoro Serena

Ngorongoro Serena


Very posh and a wonderful position, the view over crater was superb. The busiest place we stayed and generally we prefer smaller places. However it was worth it for the views and facilities.

Lake Manze Camp tent

Lake Manze Camp


Shaun and Milly who run the camp were excellent and organised everything very well including social manipulation of guest to make sure everyone was included. Food excellent.

Mdonya Old River tent and veranda

Mdonya Old River

Ruaha National Park

First impression was that it looked like English parkland because it had rained recently, apart from the giraffe and Impala wandering by!
Very nice couple running the camp, good to mix with fellow guests at mealtimes.