Holiday review by Mr Andy Smith

Name: Mr Andy Smith

Date of trip: 03/09/2015

Number of people: 2

Camping in the bush was the greatest experience. It was well organised, in lovely campsites. Being close to great beasts of wild animals especially at night, listening to the calls of lions and lepards, and the grazing noises of elephants and hippos in the camps was wonderful. On the game drives the guide's spotting skills and knowledge of animal behaviour made every drive exciting.

Tribes Overall:

A wonderful adventure, not a lazy holiday but we expected that. We had close encounters with lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, buffalo, nearly all the ungulants, and even saw wild rhino at a distance.

Tribes Service:

Definitely positive, a reliable and responsive service.


Our guides, Obby and Badiri, were first class. They communicated very well, keeping us well informed, they were always alert to look after us, to make sure we all had photos, were safe and well fed.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We kept all park rules very well, to safeguard the animals and the environment, and I guess the majority of the price we paid stays in Botswana. I think we gave something back to the guides as well, in terms of confidence and comradeship.

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