Holiday review by Peter Lambert

Name: Peter Lambert

Date of trip: 25/08/2015

Number of people: 2

Chris (guide) and driver (Ben), the camp at Oi-Kinyei. The wildlife. The staff at Selenkay (the cooks, James, Peter) the camp fires. The amount of game drives in Oi-Kinyei. The wilderness. The contact with the Masai. The service of the Masai in the camps. They were always smiling and joking amongst themselves.Wilson was an excellent guide in Selenkay and we felt lucky to have him.

  • Swimming pool at Eka Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya © Eka Hotel

    Swimming pool at Eka Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya





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Chris at the Oi-Kinyei and Wilson at Selenkay were excellent

The places you stayed

Kenya Adventure Camping Selenkay

Amboseli National Park

Oi-kenyai was a bit nicer in terms of the dining area, was kept cleaner. Tents a bit too close though so there was a lot of snoring! Selenkay camping area was more spacious. Great dining under the stars at Selenkay. would be nice to have hammocks in Selenkay like Oi-Kinyei had

I was disappointed as at Oi-Kinyei they didn't really cater to my vegan diet as much as I would have liked and it caused a bit of awkwardness. To give them credit Jackson ordered soya milk but that didn't arrive until 1/2 way through the 3 days stay.He did also let Selenkay know so they had soya milk. I had thought I should reiterate the vegan thing before departure.  We did go for a great night drive and watched the lion and lioness interact on our last night.TRIBES REPLY: We're very sorry that your vegan diet was not picked up at first.  The message had been sent to the camp.  This has now been taken up with the executive chef for the camp, and we are confident that the camp's vegan offerings will now be much better and taken good note of for future clients.