Holiday review by Mr. Christopher Weston-Simons

Name: Mr. Christopher Weston-Simons

Date of trip: 16/08/2015

Number of people: 2

Our main purpose was to visit our son and to gain some insight into the local cultures and problems. We were able to achieve this with him, but the other parts of our visit allowed us to see a wider view. We drove about 2,000 km in all. Highlights were: The Zulu Battlefields The cave paintings at Kamberg The game Whale watching at Rocktail

  • The pool at Fugitives Drift Lodge


  • Outdoor seating at Fugitives Drift Guest House


  • The view at Fugitives Drift


  • Tour the Battlefields while at Fugitives Drift


  • Hilltop Camp


  • The main building at Hilltop Camp


  • Hilltop Camp


  • Waterhole near Hilltop Camp


  • Rocktail Beach Camp


  • Rocktail Beach Camp room


  • Rocktail Beach Camp pool


  • Rocktail Beach Camp beach


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Tribes Service:

There seemed some confusion over our dates. We did not have the required references to check in at Hluhluwe National Park, which took a little sorting out. We had the request the number for collection to visit Rocktail Beech Camp, however the number supplied was the wrong one. So we had to sort this out ourselves.


We found the guides at the Zulu War sites excellent. We also found a guide ourselves to visit the cave paintings in the Kamberg Reserve, who was excellent and we would recommend visit to the paintings if anyone is staying in the area.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

In our travels we tried to support the local community and craftsmen and women and knew that our tips made a difference.

The places you stayed

The pool at Fugitives Drift Lodge

Fugitives Drift

South Africa

Good food, good company and excellent guides. We learned a lot.

Hilltop Camp

Hilltop Camp

South Africa

Whilst the accommodation and food were average, the guides and game viewing were excellent.

Rocktail Beach Camp

Rocktail Beach Camp

South Africa

An ideal end to our trip.