Holiday review by Mr. David Barrans

Name: Mr. David Barrans

Date of trip: 31/07/2015

Number of people: 2

Many special moments - for example all of the "big five" on the very first game drive - but two extra special :- coming across a pack of wild dogs hunting and following them, and secondly, being close to a leopard which was up a tree gnawing away at its prey - a grey duiker.

  • Umlani Bushcamp


  • Nottens Bush Camp


  • Nottens Bush Camp room


  • Nottens Bush Camp lounge


  • Nottens Bush Camp firepit


  • Waterberry Lodge from the Zambezi River


  • Waterberry Lodge sunbird and wagtail cottages


  • Waterberry Lodge, pool


  • Waterberry Lodge, dining room


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Tribes Overall:

On the whole it exceeded our expectations apart from being colder than we thought it would be

Tribes Service:

Absolutely fine in every way


All of the guides were experts on mammals and birds and all were very considerate with David's temporary disablement

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

At all the camps the staff took their responsibility to wildlife and the environment very seriously and we were glad to be able to contribute to their care in the local community

The places you stayed

Umlani Bushcamp

Umlani Bushcamp

South Africa

Really did feel to be " out-in-the-bush" at Umlani but were nevertheless appreciative of the rugs, hot water bottles and excellent en-suite facilities

Nottens Bush Camp

Nottens Bush Camp

South Africa

Almost too "Westernised" to be a bush camp but the warthogs and antelope wandering through, and the roaring fires in the dining room at night were wonderful

Waterberry Lodge from the Zambezi River

Waterberry Lodge


A lovely relaxing place to stay with so much choice of activities and so well organised. They made everyone feel really special