Holiday review by Mrs. Tania Brookes

Name: Mrs. Tania Brookes

Date of trip: 23/03/2015

Number of people: 2

Our guide to Umfoloze Hluhluwe heard on the radio that there was a lion kill near one of the roads in the park so we raced there and saw a dead buffalo and a pride of lions. It was the start to a great day's safari which was, in my son's words, "a leopard short of perfection"!

  • Umkhumbi Lodge


  • Umkhumbi Lodge


  • Umkhumbi Lodge


  • Guest rooms at Umlilo Lodge


  • Umlilo Lodge breakfast


  • The pool at Umlilo Lodge


  • Wetlands view near Umlilo Lodge


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Tribes Overall:

We had a wonderful time with something for everyone.

Tribes Service:

I had a few doubts about some of the locations/lodges so I was offered alternatives but they seemed knowledgeable and helpful


Patrick was an excellent guide on the safari, knowledgeable and friendly, and Nick at Umkhumbi was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and pointed out everything from leopard dung to locusts.

The places you stayed

Umkhumbi Lodge

Umkhumbi Lodge

South Africa

Anton and Emma were wonderful, both welcoming and helpful, the lodge was very comfortable and the food was quite good. The tented camp they have built was fab (although could have done with decent coffee there too) and we enjoyed being the first people there. All the staff we met were great.

Guest rooms at Umlilo Lodge

Umlilo Lodge

South Africa

We got rather a duff, very dark, airless \"family room\" with the noisiest air conditioning on the planet. The pool was not very clean but the braai was good, the breakfast delicious and the owner very friendly.