Holiday review by Ms. Dayna Zambelis

Name: Ms. Dayna Zambelis

Date of trip: 01/03/2015

Number of people: 2

Fort Bahli was probably the most special stay for us. the Fort was an incredible surprise in the middle of a remote village. The owners gave us a really special welcome and the rooms we had were furnished in classic style. We even had our own courtyard, and the setting sun though the arches was incredible.

  • Ajit Bahwan


  • Fort Barli


  • Fort Barli


  • Fort Barli


  • Fort Barli


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They included us in their Holi celebrations and leant us clothes to daub paint and water over everyone which was an incredible treat. Bullock cart ride round the village in the evening was pleasant.

Tribes Overall:

We had a really good time. the tour was well organised and the guides friendly and, as far as we could tell, knowledgeable. The driver Balwant Singh was exceptionally pleasant and helpful.
There where down sides, like the train from Delhi to Jodhpur which was sadly very 'basic' and some of the hotel bedrooms not as good as we had expected. But over all we had a really good holiday.

Tribes Service:

Paul was helpful and patient with our slow decisions. But when we got ourselves sorted out he came up with all the advice and information.
It wasn't as easy as I thought to organise a holiday across three continents.


They were all good and patient with us. Although the one we picked up on our way into Agra was a little preoccupied with personal matters for an hour or so.
However when I got ill in Agra he was very sympathetic and helpful.
I know it is the custom to take the clients shopping, but I have bought a carpet back with me and when I look at my bank statement here I think I have been taken for a small ride. But nice carpet!

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

No Idea. We were taken to the Bishnoi village and watched an old man taking his fix, and saw the dhurries being made. This was interesting for us, but I can't say it benefited anyone much

The places you stayed

Ajit Bahwan

Ajit Bhawan


Beautiful Palace hotel. Excellent rooms, good service, food a little disappointing, and a bit pricey. Would like to stay again.

Fort Barli

Fort Barli


Friendly owners who made us very welcome. They are trying hard to make the fort a special stop on the route from Jodhpur. They are doing very well, and we wish them luck.