Holiday review by Ms. Catherine Adams

Name: Ms. Catherine Adams

Date of trip: 19/02/2015

Number of people: 2

Swimming with turtles, sea lions and sharks and many beautiful fish. Amazing mating ritual of boobies and frigate birds. Guide being bitten by shark. Watching newly hatched turtle make its way into the sea egged on by 20 tourists warding off hungry frigate birds.

Tribes Service:

Tribes was very good at answering questions beforehand and gave some good preinfo but had booked a double bed on the Eclipse instead of 2 singles (they thought we were a couple and not mother and daughter). The boat was not full so they found us a different room quite quickly. Also thought preinfo clothing could have been better specified. I didnt take enough hiking gear tops. Didnt need water bottle or torch.

Response from Tribes: We were well aware that you were mother and daughter and did in fact book the correct cabin. The Eclipse made a mistake and have
since apologised profusely. We are please that they were able to correct this at the time and that you got a twin cabin throughout your cruise.


Quayaquil guides looked after us well after our bags were lost in Miami for 24 hours - trip to the supermarket to buy clothing turned out to be a bit premature and expensive!
Guides on Eclipse very good.Martin good under pressure when he got bitten by a shark - there was no panic.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Lots of emphasis on social and environment responsibility on the Eclipse and felt we were contributing to the upkeep of the park.

The places you stayed