Holiday review by Ms Susanne Haydon

Name: Ms Susanne Haydon

Date of trip: 03/08/2015

Number of people: 2

  • Southwild Pantanal


  • Horse riding at Southwild Pantanal


  • Jabiru stork near Southwild Pantanal


  • Southwild Pantanal


  • SouthWild Jaguar Flotel


  • Jaguar near Southwild Jaguar Flotel


  • Giant otter near Southwild Jaguar Flotel


  • The dining room at Southwild Jaguar Flotel


  • Park Eco Lodge


  • The setting of Park Eco Lodge


  • gardens


  • Viewing tower at Park Eco Lodge


  • Cristaliino Lodge from the air


  • Scarlet mmacaw at Cristaliino Lodge


  • Cristaliino Lodge terrace and fire


  • Superior room at Cristaliino Lodge


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Tribes Overall:

Having our own English speaking guides was essential. Thank you for organising. Connections and flights worked well.


Not great in Cristalino Lodge as Ecotourists are at the bottom of the ladder after birders and photographers. We got the locations and guides that were left over.

The places you stayed

SouthWild Jaguar Flotel

SouthWild Jaguar Flotel


Terrible room. We upgraded to a suite and paid an extra US 150 per night. Much better! Food absolutely terrible.

Cristaliino Lodge from the air

Cristalino Lodge


Not as good as we expected.