Holiday review by Chris and Jill from Reading

Name: Chris and Jill from Reading

Date of trip: 30/10/2014

Number of people: 2

Sitting 10 yards from pair of lions roaring a challenge across the plain to an incoming lioness.... Seeing a week old baby elephant suckling from it's mother ....

  • Kanana camp dining


  • Kanana camp game drive


  • Stork at Kanana camp


  • Kanana camp aerial view


  • Sango Safari Camp bedroom


  • Mokoro ride at Sango Safari Camp


  • The lounge at Sango Safari Camp


  • Sango Safari Camp private deck


  • Lebala Camp


  • Lebala Camp veranda


  • Lebala Camp pool


  • Lebala Camp at night


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We were very happy with all three guides at the camps. Amos at Kanana was a wonderfull tracker; Sox at Sango knew just where to be, especially when following a leopard and Bate at Lebala was just amazing in his knowledge of the hundreds of bird species we saw.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Very impressed with the relationship of the Sango camp and the local village people who all appeared to be very friendly towards the visitors.

The places you stayed

Kanana camp dining

Kanana Camp

Okavango Delta

From the choir greetings to departure this camp was a real treat. All the staff were so friendly, welcoming and accomodating and the guide, Amos, worked tirelessly to make sure we saw as much as possible in this area. The birthday cakes made for our neice were especially memorable! Following a pair of lions chase off an interloping lioness was the highlight from this visit.

Sango Safari Camp bedroom

Sango Safari Camp

Okavango Delta

A different experience across a much larger safari area enabled us to witness a more varied range of animals including our first sightings of wild dogs and a leopard. Watching a pack of wild dogs tease a crocodile, a stand off between a hippo and an elephant. Seeing a group of hyena pups playing outside the den and drinking sundowners 20 yards from a leopard resting in on a tree bough were our highlights here.

Lebala Camp

Lebala Camp


Another well appointed camp, although we missed the choir that had welcomed us at both Kanana and Sango. Best food from three very good offerings. Bate, our guide, was exceptional in identifying the bird life we saw. Highlight was a group of 80 or so elephants emerging from the trees including a week old infant suckling it\'s mother.