Holiday review by Mr. Edward Clarence

Name: Mr. Edward Clarence

Date of trip: 15/10/2014

Number of people: 2

  • Planter's Room at Windermere Estate, Kerala, India © Mayan Dimensions

    Planter's Room at Windermere Estate, Kerala, India

  • Tranquil Resort main lodge


  • View and a house dog at Tranquil Resort


  • Tranquil Resort candlelit dinner


  • Deluxe room at Tranquil Resort


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My driver, Bijou, provided by Blue Yonder was excellent. He was with me the whole trip and not once did he complain. He was very helpful and I was sorry I had to part with him at the end of the holiday.

a. guide around Fort Kochi was informative and helpful.

b. guide around Munnar tea plantations also friendly and helpful. I was attacked by leeches and guide did not offer best way to remove them. Later I learned that salt does the trick so please pass this on to everyone who may be concerned.

c. guide around the Muthanga game Reserve was not really necessary. Rangers used a jeep in which my driver and a forester travelled also. The trip was only 7km and took less than two hours. As this was in the 'second monsson' season earlier rain kept the animals
hidden so I saw only deer...very disappointing. To conclude rather a waste of time. 

The places you stayed

The Lounge at Windermere Estate, Kerala, India © Windermere Estate

Windermere Estate

Munnar, Kerala

A really lovelyplace to stay. Dr. Simon was an excellent host ant he staff very helpful and efficient. Some apartments are below the the restaurant area with quite steep steps which would be suitable for elderly with mobility problems.

Tranquil Resort main lodge

Tranquil Resort


Here one is in the lap of luxury. I found myself in the De Luxe suite, an apartment with two bathrooms. The owners, Mr. & Mrs Victor Dey were excellent hosts who always shared their meals with us. The house is beautifully furnished and as it is their and their son's home the whole place, despite the obvious luxury around, have made it very homely for their guests.I was well looked after.