Holiday review by Mr. Robert Astridge

Name: Mr. Robert Astridge

Date of trip: 24/10/2014

Number of people: 2

Petra is one of those places like Machu Picchu that you see in photos and read about in books....but the reality is still beyond this.Simply spellbinding. An amazing place and one day was probably not enough to experience it properly as lots of walking involved. Seeing it at night was enchanting, and walking down the Siq seemed to go on forever creating great suspence before you finally see the treasury. It was also nice for me to return to Aqaba and see it had actually changed little in 28 years. Every day of the trip had its own memorable moments, difficult to single any one particular event out. Sunset at the Dead Sea, the afternoon tea in the middle of the desert at Wadi Rum, the 11 mile walk from Dana to the superb eco lodge at Feynan....could go on and on.

Tribes Overall:

Unusually for us, we went into this holiday somewhat blind. that is to say that we did little research into what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised as how much much we enjoyed the whole experience. We had both been to Arabia many years ago and it was nice to return and revive those happy days

Tribes Service:

Everything was well organised and all went to plan apart from the wildlife park.


We were lucky to have the same driver for our entire trip, and the same guide for the majority of the trip. Both were wonderful and we had a great relationship with them.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We were regularly asked to report back in the UK that Jordan is a safe country to visit. The troubles in Syria have impacted badly on the tourist trade and they are keen to try to reassure prospective travellers of this. While there was evidence of security to be seen, at no point did we feel threatened or unsafe.

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