Holiday review by Ms. Cynthia Hubbard

Name: Ms. Cynthia Hubbard

Date of trip: 24/10/2014

Number of people: 2

Guide obviously very well-known/respected, as rangers gave him/us special permission [and we were only group allowed] to get close to cheetah mama and 5 cubs for observation and photos...was extraordinary... saw 3 new-borns, guide said they born either just minutes or a few hours prior to our arrival on the scene: a topi, a tommi and an elephant-incredible.

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Tribes Overall:

but for the driving distances, and over some washboard roads, entire itinerary was excellent, with focus on the Sheldrick ele orphans, at Nairobi Nursery and at 2 release units at Voi and Ithumba...

Tribes Service:

glitch with extra day at end which we'd not requested-but other than that, good.


He was tops - not just on wildlife knowledge, and ability to find the most elusive ones, like leopards and cheetah, but also on geography/topography and politics.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Hard to know or say.

The places you stayed

Eka Hotel exterior

Eka Hotel


very comfortable, friendly and helpful staff typical of Kenyans/Africans