Holiday review by Mr. Jonathan Chishick

Name: Mr. Jonathan Chishick

Date of trip: 09/10/2014

Number of people: 2

We went back to the Galapagos to see the waved albatross and the red footed booby which we didn't see last time. The sight of an albatross 'walking' on the ground past your feet and then going into its take off run is unforgettable. The red footed boobies balancing in the trees is an unusual and somewhat comical sight. Being able to get so close to all of the animals and birds is a wonderful experience. The fish market with attendant sealion and pelicans make a fantastic photo opportunity and the chance to buy a live lobster and take it back to the ship for the chef to cook for you is not something you can do everyday.


Christian Franco in Guayaquil was an excellent guide for our half day city tour. Lovely personality, excellent english, very knowledgeable, gave us as much time as we needed. Highly recommended.
Transfers in Guayaquil went like clockwork with very friendly and efficient staff.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

By visiting the Galapagos we are putting money into the National Park which supports the preservation of the fragile wildlife and environment which is appreciated by the local people and naturalists.

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