Holiday review by Mrs. Judith Bailey

Name: Mrs. Judith Bailey

Date of trip: 07/11/2014

Number of people: 2

We sat with ladies in a local village at the end of their working day and then we were welcomed into an engagement party with singing and dancing in preparation of the meeting of the couple. However our day out with The Maharajah's nephew to the local village and farm will never be forgotten

  • Welcome to Aashiyan Homestay


  • Blue Orchid room at Aashiyan Homestay


  • Relax in Aashiyan Homestay lounge


  • Pink Carnation bathroom at Aashiyan Homestay


  • Bar and Lounge at Chambal Safari Lodge, Jarar, India © Chambal Safari Lodge

    Bar and Lounge at Chambal Safari Lodge, Jarar, India

  • Shahpura Bagh infinity pool


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  • Shahpura Bagh


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On a very early morning boat trip on the river, we finally found crocodiles!!! Then on arriving in Udaiphur the view from our room was stunning.

Tribes Overall:

We had a wonderful holiday with a really good mixture of local culture, fairs, feasts and families and in contrast many old forts and palaces.
We mixed with everyone from Maharajahs to rural families. It was all we could have wished for.

Tribes Service:

Yes, although I knew what I wanted to do Paul helped plan and give suggestions I would not have known about.


Our driver was fantastic and was very patient with us and drove extremely well.
All the guides were good with the exception of Kukki in Bundi who would not follow the programme or listen to our requests etc.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

it was awful to see how Delhi is changing and growing out of all recognition. The traffic and pollution is now just unacceptable.They are building cities of sky scrapers and it is just like the original concrete jungle. Global warming will never cope with the demands of the developing world.
However the countryside is managed well and it was good to see how much is being done to help the rural families and their environment.

The places you stayed

Welcome to Aashiyan Homestay

Aashiyan Homestay


Friendly and clean with excellent food, but a long way out of the things most travellers will want to see in Delhi. Best to use the metro.

Bar and Lounge at Chambal Safari Lodge, Jarar, India © Chambal Safari Lodge

Chambal Safari Lodge

Jarar, Agra

Loved it here. Accommodation in separate bungalows, lovely guides and lovely food. The sounds of the birds was just incredible.

Shahpura Bagh infinity pool

Shahpura Bagh


Beautiful calm and peaceful place to stay, after the chaos of the roads etc. Felt so at home with the family who gave us so much attention both during meals and taking us out on trips. We will never forget out time there.

Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi lobby

Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi


Your high star enormous airport and business hotel convenient because it is so close to the airport.Facilities were good but all very impersonal as you might expect.