Holiday review by Mrs. Clare Lund

Name: Mrs. Clare Lund

Date of trip: 08/02/2014

Number of people: 2

  • Tents at Isoitok Camp in green season


  • Medicine walk from Isoitok Camp


  • Maasai cultural performances at Isoitok Camp


  • Bougainvillea Safari Lodge


  • Simply Saadani, beach


  • Bedroom at Simply Saadani


  • Simply Saadani, view from beach


  • Wildlife watching near Simply Saadani


  • The Tides Lodge


  • The Tides Lodge


  • The Tides Lodge, pool


  • The Tides Lodge


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We had a wonderful guide, Lucas. He can spot invisible wildlife, talk knowledgably about all things natural, drive skilfully and often all at the same time. All this coupled with a mysterious ability to pull up in the perfect spot every time makes him an excellent guide and he his a really lovely chap to share a car with.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

This was something that we would have liked to know more about and to see it in action if at all possible, difficult thing I realise, but would have filled in gaps in our understanding of the country and its challenges. I am afraid I have no way to compare and quantify.

The places you stayed

Tents at Isoitok Camp in green season

Isoitok Camp


Fascinating place and the service/care very good. Home made biscuits and a cup of tea served in bed at dawn to start the day, with the morning chorus revving up outside. The meals alone was worth the visit, Chris could open it as restaurant the food was so good, chef excelled with a fabulous menu. We\'ve also never had a tree shower before. Oh yes, and this was the best picnic too.

Bougainvillea Safari Lodge

Bougainvillea Safari Lodge


This was very smart with lovely accommodation and pool. Good food and the only meals we had indoors. Not quite so much fun as the bush type camps more along smart hotel lines.

Simply Saadani, beach

Simply Saadani


This is a really friendly camp with lovely people and very good guides. More delicious food here enjoyed overlooking the sea and watching the moon rise. Not so pretty when the tides out but you do get to rummage in the rock pools.

The Tides Lodge

The Tides Lodge


A really fun place, very friendly and helpful staff and guides and gorgeous accommodation on the beach. We had brilliant snorkelling trips, an interesting town tour, and a sail in a Ngarrawa, a native dugout sailing boat used for fishing and raced by the locals for fun. A highlight for my boataholic husband.