Holiday review by Mrs. Jennifer Cox

Name: Mrs. Jennifer Cox

Date of trip: 04/11/2014

Number of people: 2

One very special memory is a flight over the ocean to see the whales. The guy in charge is called Evan and he's really helpful and knowledgeable. We saw lots of whales from the shore but nothing prepared us for the amount we saw from the air. Highly recommended.

  • Breakfast on the terrace at Clarendon Bantry Bay


  • Clarendon Bantry Bay penthouse suite


  • Clarendon Bantry Bay lounge


  • Bedroom and balcony at Clarendon Bantry Bay


  • 138 Marine Beachfront Guesthouse oyster bedroom


  • Lounge at 138 Marine Beachfront Guesthouse


  • Welgelegen Guest House


  • The lounge at Welgelegen


  • Welgelegen Guest House balcony


  • The garden at Welgelegen


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We stayed at Boulders Beach - to see the penguins and, of course they were fabulous. However, for a MUCH better penguin experience go to the penguin colony at Stony Point, Betty's Bay - much larger and literally thousands of penguins and marine birds on view. We all definitely preferred this to Boulders Beach.

Tribes Overall:

Loved the holiday, huge range of experiences and, as usual, Tracy's advice and help was invaluable.

The places you stayed

Breakfast on the terrace at Clarendon Bantry Bay

Clarendon Bantry Bay

South Africa

Clarendon was just wonderful - the rooms were huge (I could have lived there). We all loved this place. Would stay here again in a heart beat.

138 Marine Beachfront Guesthouse oyster bedroom

138 Marine Beachfront Guest House

South Africa

138 is just the most fabulous place. Belinda is such an asset to them - she organises meals, taxis, days out, maps - she is just wonderful and nothing is too much trouble. I would wholeheartedly recommend this place - wonderful stay.

Welgelegen Guest House

Welgelegen Guest House

South Africa

Welgelegan was a very nice guest house, the staff were all very helpful. One tip - ALWAYS make sure evening meals are booked ahead!