Holiday review by Sylvia McCallum

Name: Sylvia McCallum

Date of trip: 26/01/2014

Number of people: 2

  • Silberstein Hotel


  • Silberstein Hotel


  • The pool at Silberstein Hotel


  • Bedroom at Silberstein Hotel


  • Beluga Galapagos Yacht


  • Beluga sun deck


  • Double cabin on Beluga


  • Beluga twin cabin


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Silvia on the Beluga was extremely knowledgable and helpful. We seemed to get to the best sites while they were uncrowded

The places you stayed

Silberstein Hotel

Silberstein Hotel

Galapagos Islands

They did not seem to have any interest in arranging trips or tours for guests. Good pool.

Beluga Galapagos Yacht


Galapagos Islands