Holiday review by Mr. Mark Cheltenham

Name: Mr. Mark Cheltenham

Date of trip: 05/04/2014

Number of people: 2

Arriving at Imlil to be told our packs are going on a mule for a 15 minute walk up to the Kasbah du Toubkal. Not very often we hear that at reception. Evening meal at Elizir Restaurant at Essaouira - the coolest dining experience in Morocco. Kasbah Ben Moro - what a great way to start a holiday in North Africa. Trekking in the High Atlas. The lady who managed the Argon Oil co-operative outside Essaouira - a real friendly personality! Camels to the Borj el Bord on Essaouira beach.






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Tribes Overall:

The holiday was everything we hoped it would be. The accommodation throughout was superb and the standard of restaurants in and around the hotels was very high. Transfers went smoothly and the staff at the Moroccan travel desk were very helpful and efficient on the couple of occasions we had need of their help.

Paul's advice on the itinerary was very useful to avoid long drives and double tracking so the pace and number of locations visited in the two weeks was just as we hoped.

A couple of things on the itinerary didn't quite work out though, but overall we really enjoyed the holiday. Thank you Tribes!

Tribes Service:

Arriving at Kasbah du Toubkal no one seemed quite sure what was supposed to happen on the half day excursion we had planned and instead of having lunch in a Berber village as part of a half day trek, we just had a 90 minute walk arranged with a local guide.

Tribes Response - There was unfortunately a miscommunication with the local guide about the exact services provided on this day and we were able to offer a refund for the missed services.


On the whole the guides we good. The full day excursion from Essaouira seemed a bit of a filler. A lot of driving around and not much in the way of explanation from the guide, Youseff, who spent a lot of time dealing with calls and texts on his mobile. Not sure if lunch was supposed to be included with this, our information was not contradictory, but we were charged for lunch that day. However the lady who took us round the Argon oil collective was so friendly and welcoming that day. I like to mention the guide Azidene who took us out from Skoura to the Dades gorge and the help he gave us returning one of our bags that went missing on the flight from Casa to Ouzzazate.

The places you stayed

Kasbah du Toubkal

Amazing location.