Holiday review by Mrs. Claire Morris

Name: Mrs. Claire Morris

Date of trip: 11/04/2014

Number of people: 2

sat in our jeep by a river with thousands of wildebeest massing on the other side, then they started to cross right in front of us , the noise ,the smell the sheer size of the herd, truly amazing.

  • Eka Hotel exterior


  • Eka Hotel garden seating


  • Executive room at Eka Hotel


  • Eka Hotel restaurant


  • Tents at Isoitok Camp in green season


  • Medicine walk from Isoitok Camp


  • Maasai cultural performances at Isoitok Camp


  • Ndutu Safari Lodge room 17


  • Ndutu Safari Lodge


  • Main lodge


  • Ndutu Safari Lodge, rooms


  • Bougainvillea Safari Lodge


  • The beach at Breezes Beach Club


  • Breezes guest room


  • Dining at Breezes Beach Club


  • Watersports at Breezes Beach Club


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A lioness and her week old cub used our jeep for shade . Leopards resting in a tree 3 metres away from us, a dung beetle rolling his find across the road, Elephant using our jeep as a scratching post,Cheetahs playing by the lake side, lions hunting, hippo,s wallowing . Memorys to last a life time.

Tribes Overall:

from being picked up at Niarobi to being dropped back off we never had to worry about a thing,our experience was out of this world and can not think of any way we could have improved it. Saw the most wonderful sights ,stayed in diverse accommodation which were all excellent for different reasons different reasons, a holiday of a life time.

Tribes Service:

I gave Tribes a brief of what I was looking for, I was given lots of choice and excellent advice , we changed details and added in extra days and destinations and came up with the perfect package. Thankyou Tracy and Tribes


Gideon our guide in Niarobi was exellent and our guide Mbise in the Serengeti was superb, he was knowledgeable,funny,keep my teenagers fully engaged , he exactly where to take us and gave us something special every day. Felt completly safe and cared for with Mbise, there is a special place in our hearts for our wonderful baboo Mbise

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I felt there was a good ethos in all the people we met and places we stayed

The places you stayed

Eka Hotel exterior

Eka Hotel


Lovely hotel with exellent staff, maybe felt a little souless

Tents at Isoitok Camp in green season

Isoitok Camp


This was a great place ,you felt like you were in the wilds with a bit of luxury, loved using the camp open air showers, the campfire, eating in the mess tent, stunning veiws and really unique and exiting place to stay

Ndutu Safari Lodge room 17

Ndutu Safari Lodge

Serengeti National Park

This was my favourite accommodation, I loved our little lodges with lovely veiws out to the lake and the plains, the layout felt right. Sitting by the fire with Dikdik and zebra coming for an inquisitive look, the Gennets sitting in the rafters, excellent food,felt at home here.

Bougainvillea Safari Lodge

Bougainvillea Safari Lodge


Great place to end your safari experience , with a refreshing dip in the pool and huge bunalow style rooms , good food ,good service and Mbise was allowed to join us for breakfast

The beach at Breezes Beach Club

Breezes Beach Club


This was the island paridise my daughter was wishing for, her face when we arrived was hilarious, her jaw literally hit the floor. Built a good friendship with our waiter Ntwana, had a few days relaxing by the pool, snorkelling in the indian ocean was like being in Finding nemo, ,tried some new water sports and had a wonderful stay.