Holiday review by Mr. Karl Brueckner

Name: Mr. Karl Brueckner

Date of trip: 12/10/2013

Number of people: 2

We loved all the things we were able to do in Victoria Falls that we did not know about. We rode on elephants, went on a lion encounter, rode a helicopter, and went zip lining.

We were able to see so many animals and see some amazing and beautiful places. We saw lions feeding, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, elephants crossing the Chobe river, warthogs, impalas, and Baboons jumping from a small tree across water. It was all breathtaking.

Tribes Overall:

Overall, it was an amazing experience. All the details were handled & we did not encounter any glitches in our schedule, itinerary.

Tribes Service:

A map showing where we were flying into and where we were going and staying would have been nice.

I felt the itinerary was a good overview but could have been more detailed.


Our guide(s) at Zembezi Crescent were wonderful. The only thing was when we did the zip lining there was no one there to meet us. It was not a long wait. We kept having different people on transports, boat cruises. Luckily, it is just a few of them so it gave us a chance to get to know them all. They tried really hard with the kids (let daughter drive boat).
At Chobe - our guide was good. However, she did not do anything above her duties. We missed out on a boat cruise for lunch that she was the driver for & that was not on our itinerary. She could have told us about it or checked with the front desk to call us if we were not on the boat. Esp since it was only 2 other people that she was a guide for. And we were just hanging out in our room.
Our guide at Sango was spectacular - he was extremely knowledgeable, interacted with the kids, and was able to take us off the bean path to get up close and personal to everything that we could see.

All the guides always had drinks, snacks which was really nice.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Wildlife - yes; did not know there was no rhinos
environment - more or less, yes. We got to learn about Vic Falls & the actual environment simply from being there.
local people - Not really. In Sango - we learned that there was a village as we drove through it. I would have loved to have brought clothes, food or toys as a donation for the kids. I would have loved more information on the specific areas and not general overview of just Botswana and Zimbabwe.

The places you stayed