Holiday review by Ms. Renuka Soley

Name: Ms. Renuka Soley

Date of trip: 19/08/2013

Number of people: 2

Jema El Fnaa n Marrakech was quite an experience. I have never seen so many people in one place before with a myriad of activities taking place. The place was buzzing with life into the early hours of the morning.

The camel ride on the beach in Essaouira was very tranquil until 'Max' the mad camel decided he would try and lunge at my legs with his gnashers. Livened up the ride and morning immensely!

Tribes Overall:

The arrangements were all well organised and timely. The Riad Ilayaka in Marrakech was absolutely beautful with friendly staff and delicious food. Riad Watier in Essaouira was very airy, lovely rooms and a good spot in the Medina.

Tribes Service:

Yes, despite the teething problems over my room in Marrakech it was all sorted our very well in the end.


The guides were good, punctual and spoke reasonable English.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

It helped with employment of local people in the tourism industry but the Riads are mainly French owned and Travel Links is an American company so not sure it had a major impact.

The places you stayed