Holiday review by Mrs Linda Petra

Name: Mrs Linda Petra

Date of trip: 25/10/2012

Number of people: 2

It was real camping in the wilderness - going to sleep and waking up with nothing but the sounds of the bush around us - but without the chores of bringing our own equipment, setting up tents, cooking, cleaning up, heating water ... Both campsites we stayed on were truly remote, with probably less than 12 people at each, counting all guests and staff. It was wonderful!

Tribes Overall:

Truly fantastic!

Tribes Service:


Each guide we met impressed us with, not just their knowledge and driving skills, but also their love of their land and its wildlife. Each, with their different personalities, had an amazing ability to relate equally well with us as Westerners and with the African people they worked with, or who we met at the village we visited or in the reserves. Even though we were there at the end of the season, as the small rains began and the camp staff were about to start their main holiday, the guides, spotters and other workers were really enthusiastic and all seemed to love their jobs.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We were thrilled to see the evidence of profits from tourism benefitting the local people directly and felt we had experienced eco-tourism at its most effective (for local people, wildlife and environment).

The places you stayed