Holiday review by Mr. Ronald Noah

Name: Mr. Ronald Noah

Date of trip: 03/08/2013

Number of people: 2

We will never forget arriving at the Kigali airport at 0700 to check in for our 0900 flight, checking our bags, getting our boarding passes, clearing immigration, sitting down in the departure lounge and then, for the first time, noticing that our boarding pass was for an 1820 departure--2 hours later than our connecting flight out of Dar es Salaam. Nor will we forget the morning we were to leave Tent with a View to catch a 2100 flight to Nairobi the owner of Tent with a View telling us the the Nairobi airport was in flames. Finally, we will not forget arriving at the Nairobi airport to check in for a 1700 flight to Kigali where we had arranged to be picked up at 1730 and learning that the flight was canceled and we were on a flight that would not leave before 2345. HOWEVER, we will also always remember the efforts Tribes, and particularly Amanda, made to help us through each of these situations. Tribes' care, concern and service was exemplary and very much appreciated. Thanks to their help our delays and inconveniences were minor compared to many of our fellow travelers. Not only was Tribes very helpful, the staff at both of the we booked went way out of their way to help us out. We are grateful that we had the good fortune to book through Tribes and with their recommended vendors.

Tribes Overall:

We have learned through the years that expectations can ruin what might otherwise be a wonderful experience. However, it is impossible not to have them. I would say this holiday, in many ways did not "live up" to our expectations, but that is not to say that we were not extremely satisfied with it.

Tribes Service:

See above. The "booking packet" was very helpful in many ways. The packing lists and country background sheets were excellent.


We could not have asked for better guides, or customer service in general, from both of the camps that Tribes booked for us.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We obviously provided employment opportunities and revenue that might go to the benefit of the local community. I doubt, however, that our presence in any other way benefited the local people, wildlife and or environment, maybe just the opposite. This is the guilt that follows travelers to many destinations and the reason I don't know how to rate this question.

The places you stayed