Holiday review by Mr. Geoffrey Ronald Gamble

Name: Mr. Geoffrey Ronald Gamble

Date of trip: 10/10/2013

Number of people: 2

How do you pick out special memories on this holiday.....the whole holiday has been special. We saw absolutely everything except wild dogs, but that was not expected, just hoped for. We sat feet away from leopards, lions, hippos, elephants, etc. We saw genets, civets, porcupine, hares, elephant shrews, pennant-winged nightjar and numerous owl species on the night drives. A special holiday indeed which was surpassed by the friendliness and proficiency of all the people involved.

I have been trying to see carmine bee-eaters for the past four years in Africa but have not been successful.....that's birding for you.....but here in Zambia I have seen them every day in their hundreds. Two large nesting colonies very near to the camps, one with a hide where you can view them just a few meters away. was the other birdlife around. To top it all off I saw pel`s fish owl out in the open on a branch not ten meters away from me. Got some amazing photos.

Tribes Overall:

Firstly may I say that it surpassed my expectations. The camp, food, service, wildlife was first class especially considering the remoteness of the location. I saw some amazing sights, getting to see all that I expected and more besides, but the thing that I will never forget is the warm, friendly hospitality of the staff. I loved the Zambian sense of humour and the people were always trying to fulfil your wishes. My wife and I were very sad to leave the camps, more so than anywhere else before, and we have had many, many safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa etc.
From the moment we first dealt with Tracy at Tribes everything has run like clockwork all the way through the holiday.

Tribes Service:

Tracy has been excellent. The service provide was helpful, informative, and friendly. Many thanks Tracy!


We had three guides during our stay chosen via Tracy for their birding expertise. Patrick, Andrew and Meyam were superb. Not only were they good with birds they were totally tuned in to nature. We learnt so much, not only about birds and animals, but plants, insects, and life in the bush in general. The best guides by far that we have ever experienced on our many previous safaris.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We loved the Zambian people who seemed to be always smiling. We made many friends and learnt so many things from these peace loving people. It appeared that they respected their environment and realised its beauty. Sadly, not enough people were employed which in turn made poaching their possible escape from poverty.

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