Holiday review by Mr. David Fellingham

Name: Mr. David Fellingham

Date of trip: 20/07/2013

Number of people: 2

Where do you start? Elephants outside tent within an hour of our arrival in camp. The bellowing hippos and other sounds throughout the night. Seeing a leopard and getting several good photos of it on our last safari of the holiday. Chatting to the guides and driver about their lives in camp and at home with their families, About football, life, the universe, and everything, was very special to us.

Sunsets in Stone Town seen from the rooftops of Dhow Palace and Maru Maru hotels. Maru Maru has a slightly better view, and it serves alcohol! Dinner on the roof at Emerson Spice, beginning with cocktails at sunset. Coffee in Coffee shop Spice tour (booked with Uhuru Tours in Stone Town) -- farcical but good. A real-life sample of Zanzibarian organisation that seemed to be more for their benefit than ours! The phrase Pole Pole could have been invented for that occasion, and 16 passengers plus driver in a 14 seater minibus does go. Hakuna Matata. Spice Tour guide at the plantation was very knowledgeable and the meal cooked by the local women was very good Sunrise with coffee on the beach at Matemwe Sailing in the dhow inside the reef at Matemwe. The Captain and his one-man crew were experts at handling their craft in strongish winds. The crewman was standing on the windward outrigger while the Captain played the tiller with his foot. The dhow was really a dugout canoe with outriggers and a mast. All held together with rope, and the sail held in place (before hoisting) with strips of banana leaves. Not a nail in sight.

Tribes Overall:

People everywhere were friendly and efficient and did their best to ensure we had a good time.

Food in general was very good and varied. Opportunity to sample local dishes as well as international cuisine. All freshly cooked.

Accommodation varied from luxury tent, to historic house in the Ottoman style, to beach hut. All ideal for the environments we were in at the time. Showers varied from warm, high pressure (beach hut), through cool, medium pressure (tent) to warm trickle (Stone Town hotel)

Tribes Service:

Organisation was very good, with everything going to plan. In hindsight, we would have delayed moving to Terminal One from Terminal Two in Addis Ababa to take advantage of the better facilities in the new terminal. No available seats and little in the way of any other facilities in Terminal One -- tip for future travellers.


Peter and Ali superb. Even took photos using my card on their superior camera

Elton very knowledgeable but very quietly spoken, sometimes drowned out by his outboard motor

Reef walk guide at Matemwe spoke little English but showed us many things we would otherwise have missed

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Local people employed by Lake Manze and at Matemwe, however more should be done to alleviate the poverty at Matemwe

The existence of Lake Manze Camp, and others, supports the local wildlife as otherwise the whole of Selous would be available to the hunter/killers

The places you stayed