Holiday review by Mr. Janos Demeter

Name: Mr. Janos Demeter

Date of trip: 02/08/2013

Number of people: 2 You can see a selection of pictures taken. If you want, you can use them for promotional purposes, maybe mentioning my name.

The trip was composed in two parts: 1. historical-spiritual part, which was Cusco-Sacred Valley-Machu Picchu. It would be difficult to pick up any memory from this part as it was perfect as a whole. 2. Rainforest part. Here we had a funny story. We were warned that opossums might come in our room during the night and steal food. We left some food out on purpose and indeed, the opossum came and begun to eat my chocolate bar. I took some pictures then trying to recuperate part of the chocolate but (s)he was holding it with his tiny foot and tried to scare me with funny noises. One of the ever sweetest animal I saw.

Tribes Overall:

Excellent places, excellent timing and excellent organization

Tribes Service:

The consultant was really helpful and when he went on holidays, the replacement was organized perfectly.


Humberto, the guide from Cusco was the best guide I ever had. He knew a lot, but did tell us only what we were interested in. He had a lot of own theories but always mentioning that this is his view. Very helpful, as well as the driver whose name I can't recall now. Please feed back this to the local representative office.
Our guide from the rainforest, Luis, was also helpful but unfortunately his English - especially pronunciation - should be improved.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Yes, we were taken to a place in Sacred Valley where a family rescued a lot of wild animals and kept them - unless they could be sent back to their native places. Condors, pumas, parrots, wild cats etc. rescued from circus, discos, etc. were kept here.
Contrarily, we did not meet local people to talk with them about their lives. This could be organized in the future. E.g. in Morocco, we were taken to a local family for a dinner seeing their home, seeing how they cook, talking with them about general life issues.

The places you stayed