Holiday review by Mr. David Carman

Name: Mr. David Carman

Date of trip: 12/10/2013

Number of people: 2

The single day, whistle stop tour of Rio's major sites and attractions was fine. The excellent guide, Katia ensured that no time was wasted by using her guide pass and personal contacts to jump the long queues. We perhaps over extended ourselves trying to fit in the Botanicial Gardens

Regua & Guapi Assu Bird Lodge was fine, needed more time there (one day was a wash out) to appreciate the birds and what was being achieved. 5 different Jaguars were seen in the Pantanal, and at least 2 were seen on all but one of the 6 half day sorties out on the river, BRILLIANT! The Giant Otter were also seen on 4 separate trips out on the launches. The birding was grand and filled the time when Jaguars were immobile / resting. Iguassi Falls lived up to expectations, the sight and "roar" was awesome. Eat your heart out Niagara!

Tribes Overall:

All 4 planned location Rio, Atlantic Rain Forest, Pantanal & Iguassu were grand.
A great holiday, well planned to cover our specific requirements.
Thanks Paul

Tribes Service:

Paul Cook fielded all our questions and ensured that we were aware of all the necessary information, etc. Amendments were provided when clarification was required and the whole trip when well.


Guides - Katia in Rio, Henry in Guapi Assu, Susan in the Pantanal & Edwardo at Iguassi.
Were all great, good understandable English,good knowledge of their topics, helpful and considerate. Drivers were all helpful, considerate and drove safely, even in the congestion of Rio and Cuiaba rush hour.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

All the guides, drivers, accommodation staff were great in all locations visited.
Re-forestation of the Atlantic Rainforest is a massive project which must improve both the environment and provide work for local people.
Linking the wild spaces in the Pantanal, again should ensure that the habitat for wildlife is preserved and help prevent poaching / killing of endangered species.

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