Holiday review by Mrs Julie Clouth

Name: Mrs Julie Clouth

Date of trip: 05/10/2013

Number of people: 2

Amantani Homestay - an amazing experience due to the interaction it allowed with a lovely family whose way of life is so alien to ours. Surprisingly good, simple vegetarian food cooked on an open fire in an adobe house. Will always remember using a sink that was not connected to a waste pipe such that the waste emptied onto my feet!

Heath River - the clay lick was the highlight and worth the 4.30am start. Spent hours watching the intensely colourful array of birds from the floating hide, a sight not to be missed. Machu Pichu - Arrived in torrential rain but once it slowed and the mist cleared, the sight of MP exceeded our expectations. No matter how many photos you see of it, its size and location is overwhelming.

Tribes Overall:

Despite the amount of travelling involved, our Peru trip was an excellent mix of culture, nature and history. It exceeded our expectations in almost all respects. We loved the trip!


Ours guides, Gustav in Cusco and Milton in Puno were especially knowledgeable, professional and very helpful. Transfers were all excellent - very punctual and vehicles clean and a high standard.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Were not impressed with the Uros Islands. There are now 85 islands which are a parody of the remains of a culture which has not existed for some time. We were shocked at the negative impact these islands have on the wildlife and environment.It seems to be a show put on for the tourist dollar. Every couple who have an "island" earn about $1500/month from tourist fees, hence the rapid expansion of the islands. Most of the people don't even live on the islands, they leave at 4pm when the tourists have left.

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