Holiday review by Cass

Name: Cass

Date of trip: 29/05/2013

Number of people: 2

A male lion awakening and roaring his territory call less than 3 meters from our vehicle - it vibrated the car and went straight to our bones, lasting 10 minutes!

Most memorable of all - my partner proposed to me at the beautiful Victoria falls on our last day! It was very romantic - despite being absolutely soaked! (He even organized a rainbow, ha ha)

Tribes Overall:

It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It also surpassed our expectations, even after all the research we'd done of the places we were going and staying!

Tribes Service:

Tracy was fantastic, she was very informative about all details of the trip (particularly addressing our health concerns) also she was quick to respond to us, and accommodating of the fact that we were in Australia, and booking our own flights.


We were very lucky, because on our mobile camping safari we had not one guide, but 2 (O.T and Marks), and not one chef - also 2 (Lawrence and K.D)!! We were spoilt for choice! The additional guide and cook were on their penultimate training trip. They were all exceedingly knowledgeable, and professional but also friendly and good fun. They made us feel very safe (despite the hippos, elephants, hyenas and honey badgers passing through our camp at night time!).

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

This is hard to know. The guides were informative about the local areas and villages and their way of life which was interesting.

It was, however, difficult to hear that it's the locals (occasionally farmers) who are often responsible for poaching/killing some of the wildlife in the parks, whether due to financial hardship/food, dishonesty, or just trying to keep their cattle away from predators.

I did seem though that the local area sees the amount of tourism that the safaris generate, which is good for the economy and jobs, and therefore the respect for the park and wildlife is increasing in many areas.

The places you stayed